Past Events

UK Tech-Fest Festivals, Events and All Dayers

Techabilitation / 9th November 2013

A post Tech-Fest 2013 rehab clinic for Tech-Metal junkies in association with Anivian Promotions.



UK Tech-Fest 2013 / 11th – 15th July 2013

The second year of the festival was upgraded to outdoors with camping and the inclusion of a fourth day. The festival was held at The Plough in Peterborough and featured 57 band and artists from the UK, Europe and North America. The festival nearly doubled in size with 400 attendees across the four day event.


Manchester All Dayer / 27th April 2013

In association with Dark Nebula Promotions

Manchester All Dayer


London All Dayer / 31st March 2013

In association with Screamfest and Anivian Promotions

London All Dayer


London Weekender / 9th – 10th March 2013

In association with Dry Ice Promotions 

London Weekender

UK Tech-Fest Half-Dayer 2012 / 4th November 2012

In association with Academy Events




UK Tech-Fest 2012 / 13th – 15th July 2012

The first year of the festival was held at The Lounge Bar in Alton, Hampshire. The festival featured 33 bands from the UK and Europe across 3 days and sold out the 250 capacity venue.